AirPOP®/NetPOP® are offered as end-to-end, cost-effective and innovative one stop digital signage solutions. Digital Signage is not just our business but our passion. We continuously strive to learn about the latest and greatest in technologies and offer the best and most affordable solutions to our clients...

AirPOP® is a standalone All-in-One 10.1" Interactive LCD digital sigange with easy content rendering EZ-Design and EZ-Schedule software. While NetPOP® is offered as wireless version via light app EZ-Server® update for group management as well as scheduling, playlists, text ticker etc. Both are best  placed-based gadget of products and services presentation at the retails, hotels, museum, sales etc  

Let's go to the details..


AirPOP®/NetPOP® are proud of the fact that we are one of the few truly end-to-end suppliers of digital signage software and hardware technologies.AirPOP® is offered as standalone version and NetPOP® is wireless wifi network solution.

AirPOP® Standalone Version

  • AirPOP® does not have multi-touch but many touches on screen 
  • All-in-One Interactive digital signage hardware design, manufacturing and distribution
  • Integration of hardware and software systems
  • User friendly software offers multi-media presentation including image, graphic, audio, video and special dedicated design for interactive POP at supermarket, stores self edge, musium, restaurant, education, training, products/services presentation etc.

NetPOP® Group/devices Updated Version

  • AirPOP with WiFi wireless group content updated and presence via light app EZ-Server® at PC with a fixed IP address 
  • Group/Devices network presence management
  • Activity/play/touch logs as we as interactive button statistic log and viewer's dwelling   
  • Media playlist scheduling by assigned time/day/week/month   
  • Group and devices activities presence     


Whether your business is retail, finance, education, hospitality, or grocery, we have a solution that enables communication with your clients that will yield the results you have been looking for. Increase awareness, viability, and revenue without the high costs of traditional print, radio, and television media.

whatever your digital sinage businness application involves, there's no struggle when accessing AirPOP/NetPOP®  platform to meet your requirements for the simple,easy application of your products and services presentation to your interactive digital signage experience.